Man Pedals 24 days, Finds Missing Wife In West Bengal


Jharkhand: To find his missing wife, Manohar Nayak, a 42-year-old labourer from Jharkhand travelled about 600 km in 24 days. After a lot of hard work, he finally met his wife in Kharagpur, West Bengal.

Nayak started its tour last month after his wife went missing from her parents’ home in the Kumrasol village, Jharkhand, where she has gone to celebrate Makar Sankranti festival. Following the incident, Nayak filed a complaint in Musabani and Dumaria police stations, but the police failed to find her wife.

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Unhappy with the attitude of the police, the labourer himself decided to search his wife and repaired his rusty bicycle and started travelling from one village to another.

He was unaware about the path he was about to travelled but he continues to search his wife. Manohar had also approached many publishers house and newspapers to get her wife photo print in the missing columns’.

After pedalling 25 km daily across 65 villages for 24 days, Nayak finally got some hint from the people nearby roadside eatery in Kharagpur, where few people informed the police after looking at Nayak’s wife photo in the newspaper. Following the hints from people, Kharagpur police contacted Musabani Police station for Nayak wife’s identifcation.

Musabani police asked the Nayak to visit the Kharagpur police station with their both Aadhar cards for identification. “Without wasting time, we asked Manohar to rush to Kharagpur with both their Aadhaar cards. The couple was reunited on February 10,” Musabani SHO Suresh Linda said. The couple returned home in February.