Man Orders OnePlus Phone Online, Claims He Got Soap In Return


New Delhi: Shopping has its own perks like discounts and convenience. But it comes with its own set of problems too, something that a phone buyer in Delhi recently found. Ordering a product online and getting something else delivered is a pretty common phenomenon these days. Incidents like this keep happening. Now, there is the case of Delhi-based buyer who ordered a OnePlus phone from Amazon but got three soap packs in return.

It is important to note these incidents have more to them than what meets the eye. OnePlus devices are sold on Amazon India through official channels (read sellers) that are in a way directly connected to Amazon. So why would they ship soap instead of a phone? They won’t. However, the consumers who get something else instead of what they ordered often face this issue because they order product from shady sellers. In this case it is possible that the consumer bought the phone from a listing that claimed to give it to him at a very discount or rather-too-good-to-be-true discount.

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Chirag Dhawan wanted a new phone. So, he ordered one online. Chirag ordered a OnePlus phone — possibly OnePlus 5  on Amazon India on September 7. He paid for it, and was suppose to get delivered on September 11. Well, Chirag did get the product delivered. But there was no phone. On the delivery day, with all his excitement he opened the sealed phone box and found inside three packs of Fena detergent.

Chirag tired to approach the customer care at Amazon but he says that he got no response. Then he posted about his shopping experience on Facebook where his post went viral.

“I came back from office at around 9pm and on opening the box I found that instead of sending the phone, the seller had sent 3 packs of Fena detergent,” wrote Chirag on Facebook.

Chirag further added, “After this when I tried to contact your (Amazon) customer care, I was given no satisfactory response. I even told them to at least provide me a complaint no. or provide a confirmation that they have registered my complaint, but still I did not get any confirmation. I request the higher authority to kindly take up this matter ASAP.”

Soon after the post went live, it received over thousands of shares, reactions, and comments and went absolutely viral. However, the matter was later resolved. Amazon offered to send him a replacement.

“The matter has been sorted by Amazon now. They are sending a replacement,” Chirag told to NDTV. He further added, “They acted quickly when the issue was escalated to their senior management.”

This is not the first time that incidents like this have been reported. Earlier — back in April, a Chennai girl also ordered a phone — but then on delivery, she received a brick instead of the phone from Snapdeal. However, the e-commerce retail store resolved the issue and told India Today TV, “We initiated an inquiry based on the customer’s complaint and would ensure we find out what went wrong within 7 days.”