The Man of many ‘Mane’


Although he experiments with new hairstyles, the Indian captain does not like much implementation when it comes to the 22 yards. Well the real ‘raaz’ behind captain cool’s innovative locks is nothing but a small salon in Ranchi called the ‘Manly Beauty Parlour’.

In his latest biography penned by veteran journalist Biswadeep Ghosh titled “MSD, The Man, The Leader”, the author narrates the hairy tale of the simple Ranchi boy, who became the most sought after cricketer of the country and shifted to expensive parlour’s from small hair-cutting salons.

Dhoni, who later became client of a well-known Beauty Clinic – Kaya, was a regular visitor to the ‘Manly Beauty Parlour’ and the book quotes an employee of the shop while authenticating it’s claim.