Man Kicks Wife Out Of House For Not Making Biryani


Telangana: Biryani is the one special dish that certainly speaks to our taste buds from a platter with flavors gathered from different parts of the Indian subcontinent and the world outside. A woman in Telangana’s Warangal district approached police alleging that she was thrown out of her house for not being good at making her husband’s favourite biryani.

According to her complaint, it was second time in less than a year of their wedding that she was thrown out of house for the same reason. Accused husband, Rajendra Prasad is a computer engineer.

Having been thrown out for a weird reason, complainant, 25-year-old Manasa, staged a protest outside her house at Illanda village of Wardhannepet in Warangal district demanding that she be allowed to re-enter her house.

According to her, Rajendra is an alcoholic and would demand for biryani everyday. Since she wasn’t a good cook, he harassed her over the matter.

Manasa also alleged that Rajendra’s family demanded dowry. Manasa got married last November and was first thrown out of house in January this for the first time.

It was only after family elders intervened that she was allowed to return to her husband’s house early in June. But, things took another ugly turn yesterday, when Rajendra Prasad again got drunk and asked for biryani.  Manasa alleged that she was beaten up black and blue for failing to make good biryani and thrown out.

Some local women rights activists have come out in her support and took her to police to lodge a formal complaint. After registering the case of domestic violence, police officials have tried to counsel her in-laws and husband in the matter.

The police officials said that if Rajendra Prasad and his family members did not mend their ways and continue to harass Manasa, they would be booked under relevant sections of IPC and laws governing domestic violence.