Man Goes On Dharna In Front Of Girlfriend’s House, Finally Convinces Her


Kolkata: It is a popular stereotype that Bengal is a land of rallies, processions, and dharnas. So far such things were mainly seen for political or social activities where a group of individuals took that path to ensure their message reaches a large section of the people.

But dharna and fast for getting back love are rarely heard of, though this is precisely what happened in West Bengal’s Dhupguri. Ananta Burman was in a relationship with a girl named Lipika for last eight years. But recently, Lipika had stopped all communication with him. She had virtually become incommunicado over phone, WhatsApp and other social media sites. Sensing something amiss, Ananta did some digging and found out Lipika’s family is looking to get her married elsewhere.

The prospective groom was about to visit Lipika’s home. Sensing that he has little time to get back love, Ananta started a fast cum dharna in front of Lipika’s house from Sunday. He was carrying a placard where it was written, ‘Give back my eight years’. Soon people got wind of this unique dharna and came out in support of Ananta. In the meanwhile, the family of the guy who was set to marry Lipika also arrived in the spot. Police too reached the dharna location but they couldn’t stop Ananta from keeping his fast to get back his love. As the hours went on, Ananta’s health worsened and he was rushed to the hospital.

Finally, Lipika agreed to marry her old boyfriend and after intervention from locals, her family also came around. Ananta and Lipika got married instantly and went to a local mandir to complete all rituals.