Man Gets Rs 149 Crore Bill For An Ola Ride He Never Took


Mumbai: You’ve heard of Bollywood’s elite 100 crore club which every supserstart wants to be part of, but what if you had to pay over 100 crores for a cab ride?

ওলে ওলে ওলা, চড়লেই ১৪৯কোটি বিল!

For Mumbai resident Sushil Narsain a cab ride from Mulund West ran a bill of a whopping 149 crore! While speaking to India Today, Sushil Narsain, founder Ideator Design Consultant at Indus D’sign shared how he thought the 149 crore bill was an April Fool joke!
“I booked a ride from my home in Mulund West to Santacruz on April 1st.

The driver couldn’t locate me, so I walked about 300 meters from my home. By the time I located my driver, he had cancelled my ride. When I tried to book another cab via Ola app, I got the message on outstanding amount of 1,49,10,51,468 crore rupees”, said Sushil.
First he was angry and confused, but soon Sushil realised that he had to take up the matter with the company.

“I first thought it was some April fool prank, but when the driver also couldn’t help out, I immediately tweeted my grievance to Ola. Their customer representative finally reached out to me in 2 hours. Although I laugh about it now, but that time I was angry”, said Sushil to India Today.

Sushil was told that the 149 crore bill was generated due to a computer glitch. Sushil didn’t have to pay for the ride, but this experience has made him wiser. “If you find anything amiss you must take it up with the cab operator. As in my case, you can use Twitter to reach out to these companies. Its easier than calling and following up. Then there are always consumer forums. But always check your receipts whenever you hail a cab”, said Sushil.

For now, Sushil plans to stick to Ola ride, because the company has given him discount coupons for atleast next 2 months to enjoy Ola rides. “I took an Ola the very same night again” , said Sushil to India Today

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