Man Escaped After Assaulting Minor Girl Sexually


Farakka: A minor girl has been victim of neighbour’s sexual lust. The incident took place in Farakka of Murshidabad. 40 years old accused name is Tazamul Sheikh.

The tortured complained that, she was going to his unclew shop to watch TV meanwhile Sheikh has dragged him in a room and sexually assualted her. He bribes her 10 rupees to keep her mouth shut.

The girl’s mother started looking for her as she couldn’t see her for long time. The locals started to gather and Tazamul Sheikh escaped from the place. A case has been filed aginst the 40 year old person on July 19.

tazamul Sheikh is still fugitive after four days. Victim’s family has blamed the police for their reluctant attitude to find out him. This incident sparked agitation among the villagers.

The girl went through a medical test on Sunday. She is class two student of Maheshpur Primary School.