Man Eats Wife’s Nose for Not Answering Call


Beijing: A Chinese woman has lost her nose after a row with her estranged husband. The victim, only identified as Ms Yang, recently went on a night shift in Shandong province, eastern China, and failed to pick up her husband’s call at 2am.

Angered by his wife’s behaviour, the man stormed into her work place the next morning and surprisingly bit off her nose, reported People’s Daily Online. Moreover, instead of spitting it out, the unnamed husband swallowed his wife’s nose.

Doctor said Ms Yang’s nose is almost entirely gone and major surgeries are needed before her nose can function normally again.

With the original parts of the nose swallowed, she will have to wait for three months before the doctors can give her reconstructive surgeries for cosmetic purpose.

The police authorities are trying to track down her husband who remains at large