Why Should A Man Disclose His Aadhar Card To Buy Condoms? : Chidambaram


Mumbai: Flaying the Modi government’s move to get everything linked to Aadhaar, Former Union Finance Minister P Chidambaram asked, “Why should a man quote his Aadhar number to buy condoms?” The former minister asked this at an event hosted by IIT Bombay.

The Aadhar debate triggered a heated spat between Chidambaram and Narayana Murthy, the infosys co-founder. Flaying the Modi government’s strident move to get everything linked to this national identification number, Chidamabaram said the “government is completely deaf” to any reasoning against linking Aadhaar to everything under the sun.

“If a young man and a young woman want to have a private holiday, they may not be married, what’s wrong with that? If a young man wants to buy condoms, why should he disclose his Aadhaar or identity?” the former finance minister quipped.

“Why should the state, that is the government, know what medicines I buy, what cinemas I visit, what hotels I stay in, who are my friends?” he asked further.

To this, Murthy said, “Aadhaar is nothing but a simple verification of the identity of an individual. There is no privacy issue here. We have a certain way of identifying individuals and its like a driver’s licence in which there is no privacy violated by that.”