Man Dies Without Treatment In This ‘Inhuman‘ City


Kolkata: The city of joy seems to have turned to a city of selfless people on the basis of what was witnessed on Monday morning. A man lost his life sans the help of a single pedestrian.

A taxi driver has not only been accused of hitting a pedestrian, but also promising to take him to the hospital, only to leave him mid-way and runaway. In simple terms, the man died due to lack of a ‘deserving’ treatment.

The incident happened on Monday night when Sheikh Salim, while crossing the Tollyguange Circular road, was hit by a minidor. 45 year old Sheikh was seriously injured. The driver of the minidor promised to take him to the hospital and took him in his vehicle. But the police nor the family of Sheikh could trace him since he left.

Seriously injured Sheikh Salim was found on Monday morning lying at Prince Anwar Shah Road. Rushed to M.R. Bangur Hospital, the doctors declared him “brought dead”.

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