Man chops off Mother-Daughter, throws them into Ganges


Chinsura: A person allegedly cut off the body of a woman and his daughter and threw them into the Ganges over illicit relation. The accused Samaresh Sarkar is an employee of Durgapur branch of Central Bank of India. It has been known that he was involved in an illicit relationship with the woman whom he murdered.

The deceased Sucheta Chakraborty had a relationship with Samaresh since long. According to sources, Samaresh boarded a boat from Sheoraphuli with four bags and dropped three bags into the river. While dropping the fourth bag he was stopped by other passengers who opened the bag and found the pieces of a dead body in the bag. Sheoraphuli Police station was informed and Samaresh was detained.

After interrogation for long hours, police came to know that Sucheta, a resident of Titagarh had a relationship with Samaresh an employee of Central Bank of India, Durgapur branch. She even had a six year old girl named Dipanjana. Her body was also thrown into the river.

Police came to know that Sucheta had proposed marriage to Samaresh. But Samaresh was reluctant to marry her. Samaresh had alleged that Sucheta had committed suicide after not being able to marry him after murdering her daughter. Police have come to know from Samaresh’s bank that he was married for three years but there is no clue where his wife stays.