Man Blinds, Chops Off Boy’s Penis For ‘Honour’


Islamabad: A Lahore man blinded a 15-year-old boy by pricking his eyes and then chopped off his penis in the name of ‘honour’, after he discovered his daughter was the boy’s girlfriend, Nation reported.

The boy was kidnapped by the girl’s father and his accomplices, then taken to a deserted area and maimed.

The boy, who is a ninth-grader, was lucky to survive because he was left for dead. A passer-by spotted him took him to hospital where doctors managed to save his life. Lahore police told Nation that the five accused have been arrested.

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If the boy had died he would have become another statistic – albeit a rare, male one – in the long list of so-called ‘honour killings’ in Pakistan. Usually, it’s girls and women who are victims in such ‘crimes committed to protect honour.’ Nearly 1,100 women were killed in Pakistan in 2015 by relatives who believed they had dishonoured their families, the country’s independent Human Rights Commission says.

It was only last year that Pakistan made such killings punishable under law, with mandatory prison time.

A landmark one, nevertheless, the legislation passed last October, guarantees mandatory prison sentences of 25 years and disallows families the right to legally pardon those who carry out “honour killings”, a practice that once allowed thousands of murderers to walk free, The Guardian reported.

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