Man Arrested For Showing Slipper To PM


Chennai: A man named Pallini has been arrested by cops in Tamil Nadu for showing a slipper to Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his recent visit to Chennai.

The action against the 46-year-old man has been taken after a sou-moto complaint was filed against the accused after he had allegedly shown a slipper to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The accused was produced in Egmore court. According to report, Pallini showed a slipper to Prime Minister Narendra Modi when he visited Chennai on December 21 in 2017 to inaugurate a government scheme. During the event, Pallini while insulting the Prime Minister had shown him a slipper. The accused has now been sent to 15 days remand.

It is not the first time when civilians have tried to express their anger or dissatisfaction with the politicians and even the parties. Time and again, people in the nation in their attempt to express their anger have insulted leader sometimes by burning effigies, throwing eatables or targetting them with ink, shoes, slipper.

In the past, several cases have appeared when people have broken the security circle and tried to attack politicians or tried to insult them.