Man Arrested for Having Sex With Horse ‘Thrice’


Texas: In a bizarre incident A man in Texas, Cirilo Castillo, was arrested for the third time for having sex with a horse on June 3.
Castillo, 45 was found in a woman’s barn in Edinburg and has been charged on criminal trespass. Earlier, he was arrested twice for having sex with her horses in 2012 and 2013 and faced five-year probation.

Castillo has had a history of having sex with horses. The 45-year-old claimed that he crawled into the barn for shelter after being hit by a car. Investigator Hidalgo County believes that the horse kicked him.

The barn owner, who had already warned Castillo after his arrest, found him injured when she went to feed the animals in morning on February 17. Castillo was taken to office for his leg treatment. He could now face 180 days in jail.

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