Man Arrested For Carrying Thefts In Kolkata Airport


Kolkata: A man was arrested from the Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport or the Kolkata Airport on Sunday for stealing expensive things from passengers.

The man is accused to have done the theft from the queue standing to take the boarding pass. Before anyone can understand, he moves out from the terminal. This has been going on for a long time as complaints were being received from passengers for several days.

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At last, the entire incident came to the fore on Sunday. As per a national media, a 45-year-old Sajid Hussain was arrested from the airport, following which the truth was revealed.

The man, a resident of Jharkhand’s Madhupur, used to buy airplane tickets of the lowest price and used to enter the airport by showing the ticket. He used to wait inside the airport area and then used to stand at the rear end of the queue for which is taking boarding pass.

Then, he used to steal expensive things from bags of passengers. After that, by showing different kinds of excuses and cancelling his travel, he used to exit from the line. Sometimes, he used to change his dress and board the flight. For the last few months, sometimes he used do these activities in Kolkata, sometimes in Patna. Recently, the airport authorities identified Sajid using CCTV cameras and got the opportunity to arrest him on Sunday.

As per sources, a passenger was going to Kochi. The passenger’s wallet got stolen in the airport. The passenger went to the airport manager’s office and complained on the matter. After receiving the complaint, the CISF got alarmed and started inspecting several CCTV cameras.

After inspecting, it was seen that a person went to the toilet and then the same person came out wearing different clothes. The airport authority got suspicious and caught him and started interrogating him.

At first, he rejected all the allegations. Imphal’s ticket was found from him. But suspicions arose when he still did not collect his boarding pass few hours before the flight. The airport authority then handed him over to the police.

Finally, Sajid confessed to his crime before the police. He confessed that he used to purchase refundable flight tickets and with that he used to enter the airport. Then after stealing, he used to return the tickets. Either he took the refunded money or used to travel to Patna.

A pair of earrings, gold chain and 3.5 thousand rupees in cash was recovered from him.