Mamta’s ‘Cop’-minister forced cop to tie shoe lace


Kolkata: Highlighting the rampant slavery forced on the police forces by their political masters, a minister in Mamata Banerjee’s government forced a cop to tie his shoe lace on Monday. As per reports, State Planning Minister, former IPS Rachpal Singh after attending birth anniversary of the legendary painter cum sculptor Ramkinkar Baij at Nabanna, made a security officer to tie his shoe lace.

The incident sparked a great row, as criticism was heaped for such an outrageous conduct by the minister. Lashing out at the Trinamool government opposition leaders stressed that this is the ‘perks of power’. This behaviour also sparked row in police administration.

Earlier a row ensued after photos of a cop tying the shoe laces of Jammu & Kashmir DIG, Shakeel Baig appeared in social media. Incidentally, those instragram was posted by his own son on November 2014.