Mamta Kulkarni Not My Wife: Vicy Goswami


New Delhi:  Vicky Goswami, the reported husband of former Bollywood actor Mamta Kulkarni, has denied having any connection with the ex-actor. Speaking for the first time to the media, Goswami told India Today TV that he never married Mamta Kulkarni and also junked allegations of him being a druglord.

“Mamta Kulkarni is only a well-wisher. She stood with me in difficult times but she is not my wife, I never married her,” Goswami said.

The alleged kingping of an international drug mafia also claimed that the US was pressuring India to extradite him. Expressing fears that America’s Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) may kidnap him, Goswami ruled out the possibility of him coming back to India.

“Don’t be surprised if they (DEA) kidnap and take me to America tomorrow. How can I come to India. I can’t come to India as am on bond. I can’t leave Mombasa. I am a businessman with interests in several other countries. I am into gold, diamond mining other things,” he Goswami said.

Goswami, without naming anyone, claimed that some people were targeting him and trying to put him behind bars. “I have been victimised many a times in my life. I was in Dubai for over 15 years. I pardoned in Dubai and the foreign ministry in India is aware about it. There are people who want to destroy me. I can’t name them but the whole world is aware about them,” Goswami said, adding, that a diplomat had told him that there are people who want him in jail.

When asked about the recent drug seizure by Thane police, Goswami rubbished reports which claimed that drugs worth Rs 2,000 crore were confiscated. “That thing holds zero valuation in the market. From where this figure of Rs 2,000 crore has come. This is all rubbish,” he said.

Goswami, who is currently in Kenya, is likely to face a Red Corner Notice by Thane police. Some reports suggest that Goswami, who is also wanted by the United States’ Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), will be extradited.

This is not for the first time that Goswami is charges of running a drug cartel. In 1997, he was arrested for drug trafficking in Dubai and was given 15 years of imprisonment. He later moved with his reported wife Mamta to the Kenyan capital of Nairobi.
India Today