Mamood Snap All Ties With TMC


Tamluk: Mamood Hussain, Vice-President, TMC Zilla Parishad has snapped all ties with his party TMC. Mamood has joined left ally DSP. According to sources, he may also contest the election as a DSP candidate from Egra assembly. Mamood was very close to Subhendu Adhikary’s family, so his departure has brought uneasiness among the influential Adhikary family.

After 2013’s Panchayat Polls, Mamood Hussain was stripped off his Vice-President’s post; he was also sidelined and ignored for long. Mamood also payback his detractors by taking regular digs at party leaders, especially Adhikary family across the district. At last, he has taken this ultimate step embarrassing TMC before polls. Mamood has given up all TMC as well as Government posts.

Mamood has sent his resignation letter to his party and Government on Sunday itself, he also said that he is joining DSP officially. Local Political Circle feel that Mamood’s decision is a direct outcome of TMC’s long infighting in East Midnapore.