Mammoth Crowd, Rains Make Several Supporters Leave Martyrs’ Rally


Kolkata: While the city is engrossed in what our Didi is saying from the Martyrs’ rally, a different picture was noted by our reporter. Several supporters or workers are returning home much before the CM started her speech.

Workers from several sections of the state did gather at Dharmatala, but many out of them are returning home due to the mammoth crowd and the ongoing rains. When asked, someone replied, “Its raining, will have to travel a lot of distance to return home. If I do not leave now then I will not get any transport.” Whatever be the reason, many are returning home.

Much before the speeches of top leaders began, several wished to leave and several left. According to reports, many could not reach the place, as they are still stuck at Red Road. The situation is same at Park Street. Many have said that the rains are a worry for them of how will they return home.

The picture at the 2 gates of the rally is clear. People are getting in from one end while many are leaving from the other. However, the supporters are telling that the crowd and rains are the reason for it.