Mamata’s ‘Safe Drive Save Life’ Followed By Other States


Kolkata: Addressing an event of the Kolkata Police, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee
said that several other states have been following the state’s Safe Drive Save Life scheme. She also said that with the success of the scheme, the rate of accidents have come down.

The CM also said that besides the KP promoting the scheme, the citizens will also have to come forward. She requested the common people to put stickers of Safe Drive Save Life on their cars.

She credited the success of the scheme to the police and the citizens. She praised
both the Kolkata and state police. She said that the police does work for the development of the society for 365 days. The police is a common man’s security. In case of blood, the police donates their blood and stays beside people.

Mamata inaugarated football academy for the police. She gave prizes to SP Darjeeling Akhilesh Chaturvedi and SP Birbhul Kunal Agrawal for their work.