Mamata’s Raspy Fiery Speech Dreams Federal Front


Kolkata: Trinamool Premier Mamata Banerjee on Saturday was pouring fire through her words from Shahid Diwas (Trinamool’s Martyrs’ Day) dais. People never seen such fire at least from 21 July stage. But the discordance was a snag in her speech.

Apart from this, every line of her speech was persistent on National politics focusing Lok Sabha 2019. So, more or less it was an unofficial election meeting before Lok Sabha.

In her speech, she has stated the facts and figures of BJP led states. ‘Dream of Federal Front’ has been stressed boldly. She said, “Lose of BJP is evident and obvious.” She emphasized several calculations and advance result of next election. As a whole BJP going to lose the game.

Banerjee’s many equation regarding Rajyasabha Election exit poll got the similar heights. BJP has taken over the Tripura over left regime. Karnataka faced a triangle result where alliance of JDS-Congress has formed the government.

The message oozed out of 25th Shahid Diwas stage which is more than a call to gather against the rightist. Her prediction on 2019 says that, BJP will be flodded in Rajasthan, Gujrat, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and BJP led state.

She is enough confident to form non-BJP alliance in national level. Beside that, she is determined to secure 42 seats in Lok Sabha. If it happens, Mamata Banerjee will be the face of Federal front.