Mamata’s ‘Divisive Politics’ Harming State: Chandra Bose


Kolkata: Netaji’s grandnephew Chandra Kumar Bose on Thursday launched a vehement attack on chief minister Mamata Banerjee and accused her of indulging in ‘divisive politics’.

Chandra Kumar Bose, fighting the Assembly polls 2016 on BJP ticket from Bhowanipore against Mamata Banerjee landed at Kolkata airport on Thursday.

He also drove to Elgin road and garlanded a bust of Netaji and trained guns on Mamata. Bose blamed the CM’s misgovernance for the misery of Bengal.

“India can only be saved from disintegrating by following Netaji’s principle”, he said.

Since 2012, Chandra Kumar spearheaded the campaign to get the Netaji papers declassified. Barely months after his efforts bore fruit with Mamata’s initiative to release classified Kolkata Police files on the leader, the Netaji kin is now pitted against her.3

Divisive politics, he cautioned, could be extremely dangerous and several political parties were banking on it. The BJP deserves a chance to provide Bengal clean and efficient governance.

“What we’ve got in the name of paribartan is actually poor governance with a new name. In health, education and industry, Bengal draws a blank. This is time for real change, which only BJP can provide. I believe the people of Bhawanipore will give me a chance to serve them,” said Bose So, how will he approach his voters, now that he takes on the CM? “I am not fighting an individual. My contest is against the government’s policies. They haven’t helped people. We need to ensure that this country remains strong and united. It can only be ensured if we follow Netaji’s ideals. He did not belong to any region or state, he was an Indian. It is time for all of us to act like Indians first,” Chandra Kumar said.