Mamata’s Baharampur Meeting Faces Massive Allegation


Baharampur: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is holding administrative meetings in Murshidabad on Monday to cover organizational weaknesses of her party. He is taking help from the administration to fill the meeting ground.

Congress leader Humayun Kabir raised the allegation directly at the district office of Baharampur district in Murshidabad. Then Congress spokesperson Jayanta Das has agreed with the allegation. In front of the correspondent of Kolkata24x7, he also gave a hint of Humayun’s speech.

জননেত্রী হলে প্রশাসনের সাহায্য কেন নিচ্ছেন, বহরমপুরের সভা নিয়ে প্রশ্ন তুলল কংগ্রেস

Humayun just did not stop on the charge. The former MLA of Rezinagar raised the reverse question about the popularity of Trinamool leader Mamta Bandyopadhyay. Humayun, a former minister of the Trinamool government, said, “A Public leader should organize a meeting alone,without any administrative help.” His clear allegation is that the administration is being used to fill the meeting ground at the Bahrampur stadium. More than one administrative personnel was responsible for arranging people.

State politics, however, has known Mamata Banerjee as ‘Jananetri’ for the last few decades. Humayun is raising such a complaint about the leader. There is still a strong ‘base’ of Adhir Chowdhury in Murshidabad. There is still no majority of grassroots population in this district. So people will gather if a public meeting takes place. It is also a fact that now Mamata Banerjee too is well-known. So, the grassroots leaders will propagate the party by shielding the administration.

As a result, the question of the popularity of Mamta Bandyopadhyaya will be read only. Trinamool vice president of Murshidabad district Ashok Das has countered against grassroots. The leader of the Congress, who came to the grassroots, was angry over the former leader. His clear answer is, “Chief Minister is coming, and people are also coming.” They are mocking on this out of insecurity. Congress is accusing without any specific reason.” Ashok Das mentioned the whole incident as ‘baseless’ and ‘unimportant’.

But the question remains. Is the administration really being used for Monday’s program? There was no response from the administration regarding the allegation. But the administration explained, on Monday afternoon the administrative meeting will take place at Baharampur Stadium where the enlistees of different government projects will be facilitated. The block level officials of the administration will select the name. The administration will have to take responsibility for reaching them at the venue. That’s the rule. Finding politics in between is useless.