Mamata Writes To EC, Seeks Peaceful Polling At Last Phase


Kolkata: West Bengal Chief Minister wrote to the Election Commission Saturday in to ensure “peaceful and impartial” elections in the state without the interference of the BJP.

The EC should ensure that Sunday’s polling is held without the “undue interference of the central government” and any “intervention by the ruling party at the Centre”, Banerjee, West Bengal chief minister said in the letter written on her official letterhead.

In the letter to chief electoral commissioner Sunil Arora about 12 hours before the last round of election, she wrote, “Election Commission has decided to have more than one illegal, unconstitutional and biased election process for the influence of the central government or the ruling party. As a result, the state government and its officials have suffered due to various attacks.

In this letter, she brought the issue of breaking the statue of Vidyasagar. Mamata wrote ‘To destroy the state’s culture and heritage image, it was a deliberate crime conspiracy in the name of road show, deliberately for the people of this state or the government.’

Mamata also questioned the role of the commission on the appointment of Vivek Dubey and Ajay Naik. She wrote, “The Election Commission has appointed two retired government officials as special observers, which are not legal.” Mamata claims, “These special observers have always been biased.”