Mamata Worried Over Education Sector In WB


Kolkata: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee expressed disappointment over the present education system in the state. She lashed out at the education department at a meeting in Nabanna on Thursday.

Mamata said that she had information that no one was listening to the ministers. She lashed out at Education department’s assistant secretary Arun Sengupta asking him to follow minister’s instructions. The CM wanted to know whether the teachers were taking classes properly. She was also disappointed and angry with the School Parishad. She instructed officials to look into these matters.

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The CM is worried after scams in the edication sector made headlines. It has led to the loss of image at the political level too. The student union leaders could not be stopped despite instructions. They, themselves, have got involved in scams. Recently, TMCP president Jaya Dutta was removed from her post.