Mamata Is Welcomed In Puri Temple: Officials Deem It ‘No- Issue’


Puri: Officials of Puri’s Jagannath Temple dismissed rumours of barring West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee from entering the 12th century shrine. Police has detained a a Puri temple sebayet for alleged threat. The officials deem the controversy as a non-issue.

‘জগন্নাথকে পুজো দিতে হলে মমতাকে ‘হিন্দু’ প্রমাণ করতে হবে’

“Doesn’t she (Banerjee) go to other temples. Somebody said something and people latched on to it. What has Jagannath Temple got to do with it? Though there is no mention of her plan to visit the temple, she welcome to visit,” said an official of the temple who did not want to be named.

Mamata Banerjee is expected to visit the temple on Wednesday and perform the evening rites. Security has been beefed up in the temple premises.

হুমকি উপেক্ষা করেই আজ জগন্নাথদেবের কাছে সন্ধ্যারতি করবেন মমতা

He urged HT to speak to another official of the temple. Contacted, the second official too declined to be named, claiming that the alleged statement of servitor Somnath Khuntia against Banerjee had acquired political overtones.

“Officially, we don’t even have anything in writing. We heard about the controversy like you have. It is a non-issue. The temple does not have a problem if the West Bengal CM comes,” said the official.

Reports stated Trinamool Congress chief Banerjee, who started a three-day visit to Odisha from Tuesday, would visit the temple on Wednesday.

Puri Priests Threaten Mamata’s Jagannath Temple Visit

Police detained Khuntia for questioning, agencies reported Puri superintendent of police Sarthak Sarangi as saying. The PTI reported Khuntia, a sevayat of the temple, claimed that the servitors were annoyed with Banerjee as she had allegedly supported the consumption of beef.

“We came to know from media reports that she supports eating beef. It is against our culture and traditions. She should not be allowed to enter the Jagannath Temple. We will oppose her visit to the shrine,” he reportedly said.

‘আমি হিন্দু, তবে হিন্দুধর্মকে কলঙ্কিত করি না’

Sarangi was quoted as saying adequate security arrangements were in place for Banerjee’s visit to the coastal town and the Jagannath Temple. Despite attempts, Sarangi could not reached for comment on Wednesday.

 Arya Kumar Gyanendra, the state convenor of Trinamool Congress, claimed that Banerjee’s Odisha visit was “purely personal” and had nothing to do with politics.

Sources in the chief minister’s office here, however, said Banerjee was likely to call on her Odisha counterpart, Naveen Patnaik. Banerjee and Patnaik had met at Parliament House in Delhi on April 10.

জগন্নাথ মন্দিরে মমতার পুজোয় বাধা দিয়ে আটক সেবায়েত

As both the parties are allegedly being targeted by the BJP, speculation is rife that Banerjee and Patnaik may draw a specific strategy to counter the saffron surge in their respective states.

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