Mamata to meet Modi on Aug 11

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Kolkata: CM Mamata Banerjee has requested the Centre to intervene into the flood situation of Bengal and provide the required financial support and relief materials to get over the pathetic situation. Mamata is scheduled to visit Modi to discuss the issue on August 11 at New Delhi, confirmed the Nabanna sources. She has even asked the Centre to provide the necessary 90 per cent of the expenses incurred by the state to meet the flood menace.

Earlier it was said that due to the ongoing flood situation in the state, CM Mamata Banerjee has pointed her finger at DVC for releasing excessive amount of water. In connection to this problem, Mamata has even sent an SMS to Power Minister Central Minister Piyush Goyal. She has held DVC responsible for the flood in West Bengal, as per the SMS. She added that the state is even ready to sit for a meeting with DVC for a thorough discussion of the flood condition in West Bengal. She had been holding DVC responsible for this state of West Bengal for quite some time previously. On Tuesday, her SMS was a formal complaint against the Damodar Valley Corporation to the Centre. On the other hand, DVC has washed away Mamata's allegation in connection to the release of the water. It has said in a press release that DVC has released 20,000 cusec of water as per norms. Bengal has been flooded due to natural conditions, it added. Moreover, the Reservoir Regulation Committee is also entitled to take the call in connection to the release of water. The body consists of representatives of both the Centre and state. Hence, the DVC cannot not be held responsible for the flood situation in Bengal, said the release.