Mamata Termed Gujarat Attack As A Very Disastrous Situation


Kolkata: West Bengal Chief Minister on Tuesday described the attacks on Hindi speaking migrants in Gujarat as a very disastrous situation. The Chief Minister also urged all oppositions to be united against this situation.

Chief Minister Mamata said in Nabanna, “Take action if he or she is found guilty. But it is not right to punish all. About three thousand people left Gujarat for the last three years. Panic spread several weeks ago as a Bihar resident raped a 14-month-old child in Mehsana.

Speaking about Gujarat, the Chief Minister spoke about Bengal as an example. She said, “Many religious people lived in Kolkata. Anyone who is wrong will be punished. ”

The Chief Minister felt that there is a provocation behind the whole incident. Mamata said that the situation needs to be changed in the interest of harmony. She urged the people of the country, “The environment of fear is being created. Everyone needs to be one to solve the problem. ” Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has reacted strongly. He condemned the whole situation.