Mamata Slams BJP’s Rath Yatra As ‘Ravana’s Yatra’


Egra: The BJP will begin its Rath Yatra from December 7 in West Bengal which will see the presence of political leaders like Amit Shah. However, chief minister Mamata Banerjee slammed this yatra as ‘Ravana Yatra.’ While addressing a rally from Bajkul, the CM harshly attacked the BJP party. She said that did Hindu religion not exist before Independence? Did people not follow religion before. On this Mamata said, ‘Ek paisa’r Haridas… abar boro boro kotha.’ She also accused the BJP of inciting violence to create riots in the state.

CM Mamata also accused the BJP of trying to create indifference between all religions including Hindu and Muslim. For this, she asked everyone to remain cautious. She said that the villagers are happy and well. It will not be tolerated if violence is incited in these villages.

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Mamata also protested against the Bulandshahr incident. She said that particularly the minorities are being targeted and killed. She said that the one who was investigating was killed. She also spoke about the ongoing fake encounters in UP. According to her, people are being killed in fake encounters. She strongly condemned it.