Panchayat 2018: Mamata Relying On Non-BJP States For Additional Force


Kolkata: West Bengal State Government has asked for additional forces from five neighbouring states for coming Panchayat election, according to Nabanna source. After the confirmation of election commission opposition voices for election security system in one-tier panchayat election. Amid various opinion and controversy state has placed their plan to seek additional force from native states.

A source from Nabanna said on Sunday that WB asked to Odisha, Andhra pradesh, Telengana, Punjab and Assam. Among five, Assam runs by BJP and rest of the four are non-BJP. Odisha runs by Nabin Pattanayak, Andhra pradesh runs by TDP leader Chndrababu Naidu, In Telengana TNS leader Chandrasekhar Rao. Congress is ruling Punjab.

পঞ্চায়েতে মমতার সরকারের ভরসা অ-বিজেপি রাজ্যের বাহিনী

Apart from Assam Mamata Banerjee holds a good tie with rest of the states. They are trying to form federal font to fight BJP. Recently, all the Chief of states held a meeting with Mamata Banerjee. The decision throwing a question that Asking for additional force to these states is the signal of holding a strong relationship.

Political experts are talking on the decision of chief minister. Trinamool is trying to secure their victory in Panchayat by calling them from accquintance state.