Maitree Express To Continue, Says Mamata


Kolkata: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee strongly criticized BJP state chief Dilip Ghosh on Monday at the West Bengal Legislative Assembly.

Mamata Banerjee criticized Dilip Ghosh for demanding the close down of the Maitree Express services. On Monday, Mamata Banerjee pointed at Dilip Ghosh and enquired about the closure of which Maitree Express was in demand. She said, “The state government is not behind the functioning of the Maitree express. That is the subject of the Centre. If you insist on closing it, inform the Centre.”

Mamata Banerjee also added that, “The terror attack at Bangladesh is saddening. Hence, it is not the right time to raise demands post such an attack. There is no relation between the terror attack and Maitree Express. The Government of West Bengal is beside Bangladesh.”

Dilip Ghosh had earlier threatened to close down the services of the Maitree Express post several killings in Bangladesh. A rally was also held from College Square to Dharmatala. He said that several protests ate made in our Bengal soil on different international incidents. Neither CPM, nor TMC made any protests over the murder of several priests in Bangladesh. So many killings prove that no Hindu is safe in India. He also said that the party had information that terrorists had entered India from Bangladesh. Hence he demanded the close down of the Maitree Express.

The Maitree Express or Dhaka-Kolkata Express is an International passenger train serving the railway connecting the Bangladeshi capital of Dhaka and the Indian state West Bengal’s capital Kolkata. This is the only railway link between the cities of the two nations and has been revived after being closed for 43 years.The name Maitree Express means the Friendship Express, denoting the significance of the train service to the foreign relations between India and Bangladesh. The inauguration of the train service was held on April 14, 2008.

On the same day, the opposition raised questions to the state government’s several decisions. CPM leader Sujan Chakrabarty criticized the government, indirectly, for re-electing Rajiv Kumar as the CP, without naming him. He said, “The person who was re-elected for the second time as the Police Commissioner is a very skilled person. He is skilled in deleting data from the computer’s hard disk. Such an officer is being used to investigate the Narada scam.” He added that, “The person (Soumen Mitra) who was removed, had no complaints against him. Then why such a decision was taken?”

Later on, the CPM-Congress jointly boycotted the assembly session in protest to the nomination of Manas Bhuiya as the PSC Chairman.