Mamata Rebuked PWD Secretaries Over Majerhat Bridge Repair


Kolkata: After Majerhat bridge collapse , The Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee, found out that the bridge was unable to repair because of the files were stashed in the finance department.

Nabanna sources said that Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was called high level meeting to create bridge inspection and monitoring cell. Speaking to the secretaries in this meeting, she came to know that tender was announced for six times to repair the bridge. But the file is stuck at finance department.

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However, Arnab Roy, PWD secretary fall in danger after said this to Mamata Banerjee. Chief Minister unanimously told Arnab Roy, it was necessary to inform the finance Secretary. It is worthless to sit silently.

Indeebar Pandey, former PWD secretary was not also spared. The Chief Minister wanted to know why he did not take any step to pass the file from the Finance Department? In that case, the Chief Minister asked the two officials, why did they not mention about the repair of Majerhat Bridge?

However at least 20 bridges are not good in health. Bridge inspection and monitoring cell will look into the matter in future.