Mamata the real astrologer: SiddharthNath Singh


Burdwan: The political gathering of Amit shah,at Burdwan on Tuesday, did not leave any stones unturned in the campaigning of the Bharatiya Janata Party targeting the 2016 elections. The National Secretary of BJP, Siddharth Nath Singh, directly attacked the CM of the state by bringing in instances of the Khagragarh bomb blast. He said that Mamata Banerjee cashed in the incident and played a dirty politics to enhance her vote bank. Singh added that Bengal in the recent years has turned out to be a hub for bombers. Instead of industries, the State is flourishing in setting up of factories where bombs are being made.

Siddharth Nath Singh has even gone on to question the true effect of the political change which took place in Bengal in 2011. Singh at his witty best, said that ‘Red’ as a colour was to be removed from the state. Instead, TMC has brought it back as the colour of blood. Bengal is marked by a numerous blood-sheds and other criminal activities in the recent past.

On a lighter note, Singh said that people had called him an ‘astrologer’ as his forecasts became true in the cases of Madan Mitra and Mukul Roy. The phrase “Bhag Madan Bhag” has become a reality as Madan Mitra has been arrested by the CBI and “Bhag Mukul Bhag” is the most recent scare for the minister as he is going on running away from the CBI. But Singh believes Mamata Banerjee to be the real astrologer. He substantiates the view by saying that Mamata had said ‘Kunal chor ’‘Tumpai chor’ ‘Madan chor’ ‘Mukul chor’ …and they all have been proved to be associated with the Saradha scam. Hence, its Mamata and not Siddharth Nath Singh, who is the real astrologer.

Singh ended his speech by throwing a cautionary at Mamata. He said that he could see in the seeds of time and a scenario is growing to crop up in 2016 where the people would say “Bhag Mamata Bhag”. His last words kept reverberating in the ears of all BJP followers and on the other hand, it installed a new sense of fear in the camps of TMC.