Mamata Is The Queen Of Thieves, Says Dilip

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Kolkata: Barbing at Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, BJP state president Dilip Ghosh on Wednesday said ‘she is queen of thieves. She should not deliver tall talks on honesty.’
Ghosh was talking to some journalists on Wednesday afternoon while he alleged that it is not first scam that has been broken out in India. Crores of cash was looted in past during the regime of UPA where Mamata Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress was an ally.

‘In West Bengal, we have seen a scam of Rs thirty five thousands crores during the tenure Mamata. Now they are showing red-eyes to us, which is ridiculous,’ Ghosh said.

Ghosh continued that The members of parliament, The members of legislative assembly and some ministers of Trinamool Congress are tainted with the allegations of money laundering. And, ‘Didimoni’ being their leader, is the queen of thieves.

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The State BJP president further said, the investigating agencies have already raided fifty places across the country and arrested a family member of Ambani which was unthinkbale during UPA era.

‘Congress had actually brought the law which helped these scamsters to run away from the country but ‘Modiji’ is trying to bring this financial criminals back in India. The centre is already in talks with those nations. So, Mamata Banerjee have no moral right to criticize and and pointing finger at BJP,’ Ghosh added.