Mamata Promises United Opposition Front In 6 Months


Kolkata: West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee said here on Friday that the opposition front would emerge in the next six months.

Asked by the anchor of a programme whether Bihar CM Nitish Kumar’s decision to tie up with BJP was a big blow to the opposition, she said the move would not affect opposition unity.

“Why are you talking about one Nitish Kumar? There will be 100 Akhilesh Yadavs or 100 Lalu Prasads. There is no front now, but wait for six months and a lot will happen. In 2019, there will be change and we are all waiting for the change,” she said while interacting with the city’s cultural and industrial fraternity.

She indicated that strategically it was not prudent to announce a front given the Centre’s vindictive behaviour. “A super-dictatorship is going on. It is difficult to understand who the PM is: Narendra Modi or Amit Shah.”

Asked if she had been targeted by the Narendra Modi government, Banerjee replied: “I am target No.1 because I am not zero. They have harassed Sudip Bandyopadhyay for almost nothing. Similarly, I know CBI has not taken action against a few people in bigger cases.”
In a swipe at the Centre, she said: “They cannot work, they only give speeches.”

The CM also criticised politicians who depend only on social media for existence, saying: “Those who come through social media will go with the social media.”

Banerjee also made it clear she did not believe in political marketing. “There should be no place for marketing in politics. You are advocating that you are fighting against corruption, but at the same time your party is distributing money. That is not desirable. If you are doing the right politics, you do not need to market it,” she added.

While lamenting the deaths of children at a hospital in Gorakhpur, Banerjee took a dig at UP health minister Siddharth Nath Singh, who was the BJP in-charge during the last assembly election in West Bengal. “He once said bhag Mamata bhag. Now let’s see what the people say about him,” she said.