Mamata Orders Strict Monitoring Over Panchayat Violence

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Kolkata: Violence is being reported from almost every district over the setting up of Panchayat board. Either reports of ruling party or the opposition getting involved violence, is being reported one after the another. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has turned furious over the ongoing violence in the state.

Mamata gave strict instructions in the ministerial meeting to monitor the grave situation in West Bengal. She asked officials to take necessary actions in order to avoid any kind of violence. She said that in order to stop violence over the set-up of Panchayat boards, the ministers will have to give more time to look into the matter.

On the violence at Deganga, the CM rebuked food minister Jyotipriyo Mullick telling, “Give more time to the area. Stop the violence.”

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Not adhering to strict instructions by the CM, violence started taking place soon after the verdict by the apex court. The situation turned worse with two people dying in Malda’s Manikchowk and one child injured due to bombing. TMC-BJP clash was also reported from Palakata.

At some places, factional feud within the TMC party was also reported on Monday which infuriated the CM more.