Mamata Orders Installation Of CCTVs In Border


Bankura: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee instructed to install CCTVs in the district’s border areas. After addressing an administrative meeting at Bankura’s Shaltora, Mamata Banerjee gave instructions to the district police. The CM inquired the police super Koteshwar Rao whether Naga checking is carried on. After this, the CM gave instructions to install CCTVs.

CM Mamata Banerjee has instructed Panchayat department to complete all work before the Lok Sabha polls. She asked the BDOs to see how work is done fast through the Panchayat Samiti. She enquired in the meeting that in how many Gram Panchayat, banking services are not there. She asked to give priorities to the co-operative banks so that no one faces any problem in getting their wages in their 100 days’

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work due to the absence of banks. She also asked officials to assure so that after ending the 100 days work, one should get his/her wages within 15 days.

To promote Governmental messages, the CM asked to use folk artists. They will make songs on different kinds of governmental schemes like Safe drive save life and others. In the governmental fairs, instead of bringing in artists from outside, Mamata asked to give importance to the local artists. She also asked the district’s tourist areas to take initiative to do tourism fairs.

The administrative meeting saw the presence of state minister Indranil Sen, Shyamal Santra, district magistrate Umashankar S, police super Koteshwar Rao and officers of different departments, district ruling party’s MP, MLA, 3 sub-divisional magistrate and all block BDOs.

Reporting: Timirkanti Pati
Editing: Saheli Dey