Mamata Likely To Remove Sovan Chatterjee From Kolkata Mayor


Kolkata: The double whammy of Narada and Sarada already hurt Mamata Banerjee in her long-term political ambitions. But all this is for the future. The big question now is whether the Narada scam will affect Banerjee’s next move.

নারদের ঢেঁকির গুঁতোয় মেয়র পদ খোয়াতে চলেছেন শোভন

The Narada sting, which essentially exposed the top brass of the Trinamool Congress, came to light. The videos which led to an upheaval in the Bengal political firmament laid bare the abject manner in which corruption has almost become an acceptable practice in the Mamata government.

Kolkata mayor Sovan Chatterjee may be the first victim of Narada sting case. State fire, environment and housing minister Sovan Chatterjee may arrest in Narada investigation. Due to this fear, Chief Minister and Trinamool supreme Mamata Banerjee is likely to remove Sovan Chatterjee from Kolkata mayor post. Trinamool member in council Debasish Kumar is likely to replace Sovan as the next mayor of kolkata, as per source.

নারদ নিয়ে গর্জালেও বর্ষাবে না তৃণমূল

As per source, Mamata Banerjee is now on district tour and after the return; she will announce new mayor of Kolkata. Mayor Of Kolkata is very important post and because of its immense importance Mamata has decided to remove ovan from Kolkata Mayor Post. Now the question raised that who will win the battle of crown? And the war between Atin Ghosh of North Kolkata and Debasis Kumar of South Kolkata begins. But Mamata Banerjee’s first choice may be the Debasis Kumar.

নারদা-কাণ্ডে ১৩জনের বিরুদ্ধে FIR দায়ের করল সিবিআই

Already a secret meeting was held by the all councilor of south Kolkata. In this meeting Debasis kumar got the first preference. However, the name of Atin Ghosh also emerged as next mayor candidate. After this meeting the fight starts between North and south lobby. But south may wins the crown. The south lobby of TMC is also strong against north lobby and that’s why TMC likely to choice Debasis Kumar as next Kolkata mayor.

Already CBI has registered the FIR on 17th April in Narada sting issue  include Rajya Sabha MP Mukul Roy, Lok Sabha MPs-Saugata Roy, Aparupa Poddar, Sultan Ahmed, Prasun Banerjee and Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar and Minister Sovan Chatterjee. CBI may send notice to Sovan in Narada sting case.

সারদার পর নারদের কালি সততার প্রতীকে, মিথ্যে অভিযোগ বলছে তৃণমূল!

Due to the fear of his arrest, Mamata has decided to remove sovan but he remains in his ministry position. But Minister Sovan Chatterjee did not talk about this news.

It may be told on Administrative level that Sovan handles the department of fire, housing and environment and also the mayor post so he did not give proper time to handle the mayor post. That’s why new fresh candidate will take over mayor post.  Now it’s time to see how Mamata Banerjee will handle the situation to shut the mouth of opposition in Narada sting case.

Reported By Manab Guha

Edited By Piku Mukherjee

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