Mamata lashes out at Oppositions at VS


If proven benifitted from painting, will resign:Mamata

Kolkata: On the day of the Rail Budget, CM Mamata Banerjee had a torrid time inside the Legislative Assembly of the State. After taking her turn towards Suresh Prabhu and the Central Government by calling the rail budget as an ‘eye wash’, she lashed out at the oppositions in the Vidhan Sabha. Mamata was quoted saying that ‘Prove I benifitted from my paintings’. She even said that she is ready to resign from her post as the CM of the State if proved to have benifitted from her paintings.

Mamata’s creative side is not unknown by the people. Apart from painting, Didi is known for her poems as well. Her books are a regular feature in the Kolkata bookfair. She had even carried her creative side to Bangladesh on the occasion of Bhasa Divas.

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However, many of the people of the enemy camp criticized Mamata for her creative side. The situation was almost the same at the Assembly on Friday. On being at the receiving point of the MLAs, Mamata reacted with such statements to justify her stand.