Mamata Inaugurates ‘Mati Utsav’


Burdwan: Inaugurating the Mati Utsav in Burdwan on Tuesday, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said, the festivals will continue in West Bengal aiming at former CM, Budhadev Bhattacharjee. She said, If there is no ‘utsav’ then will there be village captures, skeleton ‘Utsav’?

Mamata faced opposition’s lashes for helding several festival across the state thought the year. The opposition claimed, that there is no money with the state yet crores of money is spent for arranging festivals. CPM had said these at the Singur to Salboni Rally. Budhadev Said, there are several deaths at the hills but the government is busy organizing festivals. We have to stop the journey of ‘Ma mati and Manush’.

Mamata said today, when there is unity among people then festivals happen. But several questions are being raised for doing this festivals. If we don’t participate in festivals, the villages will be snatched away. Will there be skeleton festival then? If there is happiness there will be utsav. Utsav has happened and will happen.