Mamata hails the Budget of ‘Maa Mati Manush’


Kolkata: Just after the finance minister of the State, Dr. Amit Mitra presented the detailed State Budget, CM Mamata banerjee faced the press and raised question citing that why should the present Government be penalized for the sins of the previous Govt. She said that the ruling government is suffering for the  last 3 years. On behalf of the government, Mamata also said that they have decided in employing more than 5000 people in police at a Cabinet Meeting today.

Coming back to the Budget she said that this is a people’s Budget, this is the Budget of ‘Maa Mati Manush’. Hurling at the Central Ministry, Mamata said that “We want to tell the Central Govt to write off the debt made by the previous Govt.” CM at Assembly also highlighted the fact that only Bengal is suffering from the debt made by the previous Govt. She even raised the issue that how would the Centre had reacted if there would have been some other state other than Bengal. “We have waited for the 14th Finance Commission for 3 years, we have been promised of loan waiver, but 14th Finance Comm is silent,” said Mamata. She also added at the end that inspite of talking to the finance minister, Arun Jaitely, no positive response has been made yet