Mamata Govt To Give Official Recognition To Beekeepers


Canning: To improve their stock, the Bengal Government has decided to give official recognition to itinerant beekeepers across the state, in the form of identity cards.

The cards would also enable these itinerant beekeepers to get proper price for their product. The government would also educate farmers about the crucial role of honeybees.

These measures were recently announced by the State Food Processing and Horticulture Minister. He also said that Bengal is within the top three states in India in terms of production of honey, and hence these measures.

Annually, 20 kg of honey is produced in the Sunderbans region. This honey from the deep jungles is very tasty. Honey worth Rs 100 crore is produced from litchi flowers in Malda district.

Importantly, honey from Bengal is exported too – to Germany, Belgium, Great Britain, the United States and a few other countries.