Mamata Govt Gathers More Power After 4 Left-Wing Councilors Joins TMC


East Burdwan: To be the part of ‘Development tide’ of Trinamool Congress four councilors of the Dainhat Municipality leaves CMP and joins TMC. Among the five municipalities of East Burdwan, Dainhat was the only municipality that was under CPM’s control. After these four councilor quits from left-wing and joined the Grassroots it got its majority.

On Friday, the left-wing councilor quits the red flag in the presence of two ministers and one legislature in Katwa. After this political change TMC gathered some more power from four to eight. Earlier, among the fourteen seats left-wing had nine seats in the 2015 election, four seats were under TMC and BJP had one seat only.

জোর ধাক্কা! তৃণমূলে নাম লেখালেন চার ‘প্রভাবশালী’ কাউন্সিলার

At this political event the State Sports, Youth Services & Housing Minister Arup Biswas and the State Animal Husbandry Development Department Minister Swapan Debnath handed over the TMC flags to these four councilors. Katwa legislature(MLA) Rabindranath Chatterjee was also present at the event. “The ‘Development tides’ in the state are underway. These four councilors joined the Trinamool, leaving the CPM to be the part of these development,” said Arup Biswas.