Mamata Gives Two More Bridges To Kolkata


Kolkata: According to the state PWD department, the Gardenreach Ship Builders’ and
Engineers’ agency have been given the responsibility to set up two bridges of 80
feet length. The bridge will be above Humayun Kabir sarani and Chetla boat canal.

Two crores of rupees have been invested for the purpose. It will be able to carry
weights of 98 tonnes. A lane will be set up beside the bridges where buses and
loading cars will move around.

It needs mention that after the Majherhat bridge collapse, the state government
decided to demolish the entire bridge. In its place, a new bridge will be set up
within one year. The demolition process for the old bridge has already begun. The
state also requested the railways to provide two railway crossings. However, the
railways assured to make one leverl crossing for the moment.

Chief minister Mamata Banerjee recently blamed the PWD department for the Najherhat
bridge collapse.