Mamata expresses her ‘Pranam’ and ‘Salam’ to WB


Kolkata: After winning 115 seats out of 144 wards in the KMC polls and recreating the TMC magic over the other municipalities of West Bengal met the press on Tuesday and dedicated the massive win of TMC to the victory of public. She was quoted saying that people have responded well to the party and the result of the polls reflect their answer in connection to the maligning cases that were brought against Mamata and TMC ahead of the polls.

Mamata conveyed her selam and pranam to all the people of West Bengal who re instated their faith in the party and the Mamata Banerjee government. She even thanked the people for standing by the party and in difficult times. Mamata Banerjee even opened her mouth against some of the malign statements hurled at the rulling government by a certain cross section of media. She termed it as democracy and even said that one has the right to express in a democratic form of government. She and her party did not react to any such cheap journalism, said Mamata. Had it been some other state, there would have been chaos due to such statements made by the media against the ruling state government.

Remembering Rabindranath Tagore, Mamata Banerjee said that on the ocassion of Rabindrajayani on May 9, at 4 pm, TMC will celebrate this victory all over the state. In connection to the bandh called by the CPM and BJP on Thursday, Mamata said that it is not the right approach to express or protest. It puts a halt to the normal flow of life. Hence, the state government will not go with the concept of Bandh. They will try to negotiate the parties which have called the Bandh on April 30, says Mamata.

Mamata cited ward no. 29 where a TMC heavyweight Paresh Pal lost to Congress’ Prakash Upaddhaya to state that there was no sign of rigging on the part of the rulling party. Had there been any incident of rigging, Prakash Upaddhay would not have secured that seat by defeating Paresh Pal. Mamata said that BJP had no base in West Bengal. It is an accident that some of the BJP leaders have won in West Bengal previously. In reality, BJP is not at  all effective when it comes to the politics of West Bengal.

Lastly, Mamata asked the people of West Bengal to serve humanity by standing by the people of Nepal. She said that being human beings, it is our duty to stand by them and provide support to the quake hit victims of India and Nepal.

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