Mamata Designed FIFA Sculpture Gets Trolled On Social Media


Kolkata: West Bengal Chief Minister is also known for her artistic concept. Mamata Banerjee is an accomplished artist. She regularly exhibits her work and, not too long ago, one of her paintings sold for an impressive Rs 1.8 crore. This time, Didi designed a majestic sculpture for the FIFA Under-17 World Cup 2017. The grand sculpture has been set up in front of main entrance of Salt Lake Stadium in Kolkata. A sculpture that has been set up in front of the main entrance of Salt Lake Stadium in Kolkata has somehow become a topic of discussion on the social media.

মমতার পরিকল্পিত মূর্তি নিয়ে রসিক বাঙালির রসিকতায় মজে বাংলা

But designed by Mamata gets trolled on social Media. The image of a half man with a globe in the place of his torso, and two unusual sized footballs sticking to his feet, took people by surprise – and they weren’t quite sure how to feel about this. Half man with a Biswa Bangla globe creates huge fun among funny Bengalese. They started search for other half parts. Everyone from teachers to leaders is now the part of trolled on social media. As soon as the photos of headless sculpture hit the microblogging site, Twitterati had a field day trying to decipher it.

At first they put the half body of CM on this sculpture on social media. Seeing this on social platform, Bengalese has exploded with huge smile. Another incident, half body of football lover Madan mitra and Anubrata Mandal’s are placed on this sculpture. Is it not really a funny incident? Yes it is, All are now said one thing where is the other part of the body? Is it lost or went somewhere? We all knew that we used social platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp for funny purpose and this time is not far from this.

CPM era is in Bengal is totally abolished. But funny Bengalese used CPM leader Goutam deb’s body for completing this sculpture. But Bengalese did not find matching part.  Modi to Kejri, Baba Ramdev to Accused Ram Rahim all are now part of this trolled. Many of them again wrote that other part of sculpture was fled away due to Didi’s Poem. After all this things, this sculpture stands still at the salt lake Stadium.

Earlier, State sports minister Aroop Biswas conducted a final inspection of the entire stadium to check if things were in order ahead of the first match here between England and Chile on Sunday October 8. Iraq and Mexico play against each other in the second match of the day.

Reported By- Manab Guha

Edited By- Piku Mukherjee