Mamata Banerjee’s Trinamool Party Turns 18


Kolkata: The Trinamool Party turns 18 on Friday, January 1st , 2016. Trinamool head Mamata Banerjee has tweeted on this occasion “18 don’t follow any restrictions. On the birthday of trinamool I salute and bow to Maa, Maati and Manush.” Besides, she wishes the state a very happy new year.

To increase the people’s orientation towards the party before assembly elections, Trinamool has already stepped down on the floor. The Trinamool establishment day is being celebrated thought the state. Stages have been up at Panchayat, Block, Municipality and ward. They are distributing sweets and organizing blood donation camps, clothes donation, cultural fuction. They have covered all streets with trinamool flags. Placards, banners spreading Trinamool’s promotion have filled up the state.