Mamata Banerjee To Visit Germany In September


Kolkata: West Bengal Chief Minister, while addressing the small and medium
industrial conference on Monday, announced that she will visit Germany in the
second week of September to participate in the Munich conference. According to
sources, Mamata Banerjee is likely to visit France.

In the conference, Mamata asked the ministers and officials to work at the ‘ground
level’ so that every difficulty in the industrial sector be identified. She also
instructed them to continuously understand, monitor and solve all issues by
comminucating with officials regularly.

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Mamata Banerjee said that if the ministers and government officials can work at
ground level then 70 % problems can be eliminated and 100 % success will be

The CM also announced a three-tier system for the industrial sector. At the lower
level will be present the district level. Then will be the industrial secretary, At
the top will be the minister. An app will be started for the proper functioning of
this system.

The industrialists also had put forward all of their problems in front of the CM.

The CM also announced that measures will be taken to solve problems related to the
mutation of Electricity Trade Licence and fire licence.