Mamata Banerjee Slams Opposition On Panchayat Polls


Kolkata: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee came down heavily on the Opposition parties on Monday, stating that they are deliberately delaying the Panchayat polls, which is causing a huge setback.

Stating that election is a democratic right, she said: “Why are you (Opposition political parties) not going for the election and purposely delaying by putting forward different political questions?”

She maintained that CPI(M), Congress and BJP play a different role in Delhi and they spread canards here to gain political mileage. “People from across the country dislike BJP as they are encouraging riots and sexual assaults. Around 12,000 farmers have committed suicide. I am not ready to take any political advice from such a political party. But the real fact is that we are suffering as we cannot carry on with our development work,” she said.

She said: “I would not comment on the matter related to the Court. But practically, we are suffering as the state government had organised all its work as per the administrative calendar and it was considered that the election process would get completed within one month…We had prepared the work schedule accordingly. Now there is an uncertainty. The work is getting withheld. We will not get back the time we are losing.” Banerjee said.