Mamata Banerjee Slams Centre For Fuel Price Hike

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Kolkata: With petrol and diesel prices sharply shooting up, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee hit out at the BJP-led central government for doing little to control the surge.

Petrol and diesel prices continue to touch another peak for the 15th consecutive day, with the key transportation fuel being sold at Rs 78. 27 per litre in Delhi.

The price of Petrol has peaked at record levels in other metro cities too, including Rs 86.05 per litre in Mumbai, Rs 81.26 in Chennai and Rs 80.91 per litre in Kolkata. Price of every litre of non-branded diesel has also peaked at Rs 73.64 in Mumbai, Rs 73.03 in Chennai and Rs 71.72 in Kolkata.

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West Bengal Chief Minister said in her twitter account “Fuel prices are increasing again and again. All are being badly affected: agriculture, transport and common people are being forced to bear burden. In spite of the grim situation, why isn’t the Central Govt taking any serious steps to find a solution ? ”

Earlier Banerjee said the Centre was only “talking” while the people were suffering due to the surge in fuel prices., “Diesel/petrol prices are rising and rising and rising. People are suffering. Kitchens are burning. Government is only talking,” Banerjee said in a Twitter post.